Water Damage Flooring Repair

Emergency Flood Water Damage Floor Repair and Replacement in Smithfield, Lumberton, Goldsboro and Greenville, NC

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On October 8, 2016, North Carolina was impacted by Hurricane Matthew and left many homes and people stranded with flood waters.  Here, at TCS Flooring and Carpet, we understand the frustration when your home doesn’t feel like your home due to flood waters.  As a proud North Carolina locally owned and operated business, we want to support our fellow North Carolinians in this time of need. So, we have extended our resources to help those in Smithfield, Lumberton, Goldsboro, Greenville, NC and surrounding areas.  We offer services to both residential homes and commercial homes.

Hardwood Floor Repair Services in Smithfield, Lumberton, Goldsboro and Greenville, NC

Water damage is a serious issue for you, your family and your home because it can create deadly spores and mold that can affect the foundation of your home, as well as the overall health of your family.  We understand the importance the health of your family and your home is to you, so we offer professional repair services to help you get back to feeling like home again.

When recovering from a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood, it is important to make sure your hardwood floor is sturdy and not rotting.

  • Remove old hardwood floors
  • Reconstruct and replace subflooring
  • Install padding for comfortability
  • Repair Floor
  • Coordinate style and color to match old hardwood

Carpet Floor Repair and Replacement Services in Smithfield, Lumberton, Goldsboro and Greenville, NC

In some homes or commercial buildings, carpet is a very important asset; therefore, we are able to offer carpet floor repair.

  • Remove old, wet carpet
  • Reconstruct and replace subflooring
  • Install padding for comfortability
  • Install new carpet

Here at TCS Flooring and Carpet Repair and Installation, we understand the difficulty position Hurricane Matthew has put you and your family.  As a locally owned and operated North Carolina business, we are here to help our fellow North Carolinians by extending our services beyond Apex, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Pittsboro, and Fuquay-Varina to include Smithfield, Lumberton, Goldsboro, and Greenville, NC.  We are offering carpethardwood and tile floor repair and replacement to help you get back to making your home feel like home again.  Call us at (919) 906-2218 to schedule a free consultation or appointment today.


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