Eco-friendly flooring options for Earth Day.


Bamboo Hardwood Floor Installation

With Earth day fast approaching it might surprise you to know that there are many eco-friendly flooring options available.

These options are not just good for your floor but the environment too.  Eco friendly flooring options include:

  • Linoleum might seem as a cheap flooring option to many, but to others it’s an eco-friendly flooring option.  Made from canvas, linoleum isn’t actually made from wood and thus any wood trees are hurt in the process.
  • Bamboo flooring is another great hardwood option if you’re looking to go ecofriendly.  Once chopped Bamboo grows back, so it’s almost as if it’s a renewable resource that many can take advantage of.
  • Besides linoleum and bamboo there are many different recycled hardwoods and carpet out there from some of the top manufacturers including Mohawk and Shaw.

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