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5 Flooring Trends

Five Flooring Trends to Watch in 2017

01/18/2017 | 

TCS’s 5 Flooring Trends to Watch in 2017   New year, new floors.  Welcome to 2017.  In the past year, we’ve seen changes and trends that redefined 2016, but 2017 is filled with new trends that are upcoming and popular. It’s 2017.  Time for a year of change and a year of remodeling.  With a […]

Floor Cleaning Tips

Quick Flooring Fixes

02/9/2016 | 

We are in the middle of the cold days of Winter and chances are that you are stuck inside in your home bundled up wit your family and animals. Chances are with kids running around and people spending more time than usual inside, something is going to get damaged.

Carpet Installers Cary

CES Home Automation and Home Flooring Trends

01/22/2016 | 

Do you know what the word CES means? If you’re a tech enthusiast chances are that you’re following it online. CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show and is an event dedicated to showcasing the latest in technology.

Flooring Installer Cary

Triangle Flooring Trends for 2016

01/10/2016 | 

It’s that time of the year, where people start to think about the home remodeling projects that they want to take on for the year with flooring usually being high on the list.

Cary Vinyl Flooring

Do You Know What it Takes to Install Tile Flooring? part 2

Welcome to part 2 of how to lay tile flooring. Part 1 discussed the materials necessary for proper installation. Now, Triangle Carpet Specialists provides the steps of the installation process!

Cary Hardwood Flooring Installations

3 Popular Hardwood Flooring Trends

Since the first wood floors were installed in homes hundreds of years ago, hardwoods have been a popular choice for homeowners. At Triangle Carpet Specialists, our expert flooring installers are always asked, “What is a popular wood floor that would look good in my home?” We have provided 3 current trends that will look great in almost any home!

scotch painters tape

Tape and Decorations on Your Hardwood Floor

While tape may to a great way to make and keep your decorations in place, it may be difficult to remove or even cause damage to your floor’s finish.

Halloween Party Flooring

The Best Flooring for Your Halloween Party

Hosting a Halloween party this year? The basic essentials to hosting a great part include a great location, good drinks, plenty of food, great people, and a reason to celebrate. While Halloween parties can be all fun and games, they can sometimes leave your flooring in bad condition.

How to Make Hallway Flooring Stand Out

TCS has a few ideas to help you leave a lasting impression with anyone who enters your home! Your entry and hallway will be the envy of your neighbors when you try out one of our tips.

Hardwood Flooring for Raleigh Residents

3 Floor Finishes to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

There are 3 basic types of floor finishes used to treat and protect wood flooring. Each has its own strength and weakness. Depending upon the nature of your flooring, the look you are going for and the budget you are working with, one option may be superior for you.

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