Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Hardwood Flooring for Raleigh Residents

3 Floor Finishes to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

There are 3 basic types of floor finishes used to treat and protect wood flooring. Each has its own strength and weakness. Depending upon the nature of your flooring, the look you are going for and the budget you are working with, one option may be superior for you.

Cary Hardwood Flooring Repairs

Tips for Fixing Hardwood Flooring Scratches

Do you have hardwood flooring? If you do, chances are you’ve experienced a hardwood flooring scratch like the rest of us. Hardwood flooring scratches are not fun to deal with especially knowing the price of hardwood flooring in today’s market, however depending on the size of the scratch there might be a few tools around your place of residence that you can use to help you get rid of the scratch.

Cary Installation Hardwood Flooring

Understanding The Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

When you first walk into a hardwood floor, a question that might be asked is what kind of flooring do you have. Often times you will see hardwood flooring and not know what kind of flooring it is.

The Sun’s Affects on Hardwood Flooring

Smell that sound in the air? That’s the warm hair coming in along with sunshine. However did you know that the sun could be disastrous to your home?

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