Floor Cleaning Tips

scotch painters tape

Tape and Decorations on Your Hardwood Floor

While tape may to a great way to make and keep your decorations in place, it may be difficult to remove or even cause damage to your floor’s finish.

Floor Cleaning Cary

4 Floor Cleaning Mistakes that Need to Be Stopped

04/9/2015 | 

Have you stepped outside lately? Spring is definitely here. Warm weather means more cook-outs and more house guests, as people start to travel and take vacations often visiting friends and family they have not seen in ages.

Cary Carpet Bugs

Cary Carpet Installations

As a team of carpet installers and carpet cleaners, we know a thing or two about the dangerous items that are hiding underneath your bed.

Pet Odor Cleaning

Fall Pet Odor Remediation

10/22/2013 | 

Do you have a dog? If so he might of spent the last few nights with you instead of outside.

Apex Carpet Cleaners Clean up Candy

Keeping Your Floor Clean for Halloween

10/3/2013 | 

With Halloween right around the corner is your floor prepared for the mess that your kids might make? With Halloween comes the opportunity for sticky and messy candy to be spilled on your floor at every turn.

Clean Your Home with a Cary Carpet Cleaning

05/28/2013 | 

The team at Triangle Carpet Cleaning specialists always suggests that everyone should get a proper carpet cleaning every 3-4 months, this way your home is properly cleaned and free from any dirt or bacteria that might be hiding in your carpets or just in your flooring.

Picking a Cary Carpet Installation Company

Local versus national chain, which Cary carpet installation team should I choose?.  We get this question a lot. If you have probably heard there are tons of national flooring companies out there that have franchises available to you. Companies such as Empire and Sherwin Williams offer you cleaning options from certified reputable companies which is […]

Spring Floor Cary Carpet Cleaning Tips

04/9/2013 | 

It’s that time of the year, while we dust off the cobwebs and get the friends/family over for what we expect to be those exciting first few warm months.

Clean your Floors this Tax Season

02/24/2013 | 

Its tax season that time of the year in which people either dread or look forward too. If you plan on getting money back this year, more than likely you already have plans for it, and if you’re anything like the person below a new carpet might be one of them.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options

09/20/2012 | 

These days there are several actions you can do to be “green”. You can do your part by recycling, unplugging electronics when they’re not in use or by carpooling with a friend or family member. But did you also know that you can do your part by having eco-friendly floors installed in your Raleigh home?

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